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Welcome to Out of Africa - Too - Africa's Children section.  Below you will find links to what it is like growing up, being educated and living in East Africa.  You will enter into the lives of African Children though their stories and pictures.  I hope that your heart will be touched by the children of Africa as they have touched mine.

Since 1992 I have been working with Africa's children in places such as Sudan, Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda...In the last year IThe children of Africa have focused on "the Kid's born into  the Slums" of Kampala.  Presently I work with a Ugandan organization , KIN Initiative Orphanage that has helped many Ugandan children to break out of the chains of poverty through educational empowerment.

Children need a chance in life, being born into the slums of Africa simply means absence; absence of toilets (60 of children in slums have no toilets or pit latrines), absence of clean drinking water (water costs money and is carried in jerry cans which often develop mold and mildew and often lack a closure), absence of proper hygiene due lack of water, absence of schooling due to lack of money in the family even though education in countries such as Uganda is free for primary education, it costs money for many other things (67% of girls drop out of primary school in Uganda and 38% of boys do the same.)

Life is simply hard for children since most families earn very little and in slums un-employment exceeds 60% or more, so parents or guardians have little money for the children, their education, clothing, shoes, housing, food, and much more.

These pages show both needs and results, take a look, stories that touch the heart and the pictures will speak volumes to you.  They are not there to evoke pity in you but an empowering spirit of compassion that might make a difference in the life of a child.

These pages will give you the opportunity to find out what it is like for a child in Africa, what you can do beyond reading pages, beyond looking at some of the pictures, but how to assist in transforming the life of a child...from Kampala...jon




Children of AfricaChildren of Africa: Stories, pictures that touch the heart and soul.  Accounts of the life of children in Africa.

Africa's Children-Struggling to SurviveAfrica's Children Struggling to Survive: Life anywhere can be a struggle - but here in Africa it is about survival.

Meet Monie and Leakey

A child's Survival of the Rwanda Genocide:  1 million people in 100 days were killed -one girl's story

A boy like mePeter - a boy just like me: A boy thrown away at the time of his birth -survives and thrives in spite of.

Life in a Kampala Neighborhood

Life in a Kampala Neighborhood: Life for the average Ugandan is simply tough.

A day in a Ugandan VillageA day in a Ugandan Village:   A typical day in an African Village in Uganda. It takes a villageIt takes a Village:  The African concept to pulling together - called Harambee makes a village work. Encounter with a Street Boy in Kenya:  Meeting a street boy under unique circumstance.
Life Saving Medicine - Soap and Water: Simple soap & water can save lives. Children born into slumsChildren born ino Slums: Born in a slum means no future - unless there is an education.

A day in a school in Africa - Kampala UgandaA day in a School in Africa: Students in Africa have it very different than the West.

Aids and the children of AfricaAids and the Children of Africa: Many children in Africa have been affected by AIDS.
Culture Patriarchal Ways and Education of Girls: Girls are often overlooked when it comes to an education. Born in Africa - Born in the USABorn in the USA and Born in Africa -Where you are born, determines how you live: Bugolobi Church for ChildrenThey just keep on coming: A church for children in Kampala - Uganda-a most unique approach. Impact your WorldImpact your World:  Volunteer  in Uganda.  One or two weeks that will change your life.

Child Sponsorship in Northern Uganda:  Giving a life to an orphaned child in Northern Uganda.

Children - Born into slums-The Solution=Education:ducation  The only doorway out of poverty is education.

Send a book to a child in AfricaSend a book to a Child in Africa: In Uganda you do not find many books for children in homes.

Start a Library in Africa for ChildrenStart a Library in Africa for Children: Most schools do not have a decent library in Uganda

The children of the LRAThe children of the LRA:  Kidnapped-brainwashed- turned into killers.

Make a difference in the life of a childMake a difference in the Life of a Child: Visit Africa and give yourself. The children of Africa in PicturesAfrican Children Photo Album:  The pictures of Africa's Children tell their story. What can I do?What can I do?  There are many ways you can help a child in Africa.

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Africa's Children - in stories and pictures

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