Africa's Women - in pictures photo gallery

Africa's Women in Pictures


The women of Africa in pictures.  African women from all backgrounds and various tribes make real the diversity of Africa.  The faces tell a story of joy, dreams, aspirations and hope beyond words.



The life of Africa's Women in Stories and Pictures


Africa's Women in Pictures:  A look at the women of Africa in pictures on page 1. Take a look. Africa's Women in pictures Page 2Africa's Women in Pictures Page 2Normal African women in daily life. Africa's Women in pictures Page 3Africa's Women in Pictures Page 3More pictures of women in Africa Africa's Women in pictures page 4Africa's Women in Pictures Page 4: Here is page 4 of Africa's women in pictures.
Women of AfricaAfrica's Women-SectionStories of Women in Africa, Pictures, accounts of life in Africa for women. I was born WomanI was born Woman: The struggle of women in East Africa.  The story of one woman's struggle for survival in a clulture that is not pro woman. African Dance-Thoughts on SensualityAfrican Dance - Thoughts on Sensuality: Observing a woman dance in Northern Kenya back in 1996. A woman wrapped in ReligionA Woman wrapped in Religion:  A woman caught between two worlds. Her faith & survival.
Christmas - All year long:  Every encounter we have can bring us a gift of insight. Water-Plastic Containers and the Liberation of WomenWater Plastic Containers and the Liberation of Women:  How the plastic container changed life in Africa. Sarah NdagireSarah Ndagire:  A Ugandan Musician with heart. A kind of Ugandan Tracy Chapman. Beauty of the HeartBeauty of the Heart: This is about inner and outer beauty

Catherine Ajok: Captures while she was a student, made into one of Joseph Kony's wife - her story

Alice Auma LakwenaAlice Auma Lakwena: The warrior priestess who led thousands of Acholi warriors into battle with sticks and stones.

Life in Africa

Life in East Africa-SectionLife in Africa - What is it really like?

Uganda Travel GuideUganda Travel Guide: Must read for Uganda Travelers.

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Africa's Women - in pictures photo gallery

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