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Most pictures here are of Ugandan Children.  The youngest country in the world, the word that would speak of the lives of most of them is lack.  You can make a difference, look at the pictures below and write to me...jon

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The Children of Africa Section

Stories of African Children, Pictures of African Children, Life for children in Africa

Africa's Children-Struggling to SurviveAfrica's Children Struggling to Survive:  Life is a daily struggle for the children of Africa.  The things we take for granted in the west are often simply absent.  From nutrition to hygiene, from education to the lack of books for reading, find out what life is like for the children of Africa.

Meet Monie and LeakeyMeet Monie and Leakey:  Two children and their stories.  Two different countries, Monie in Rwanda and Leakey in Kenya, but the struggle to survive is similar.  One a child of an unjust war that resulted in a genocide, the other child a boy of the streets in Nairobi.  Both give you insight into the daily lives of children in Africa.

You will be glad to have read these two stories.

Boy playing with his wheelPeter - a boy just like me: The story of an African Boy and his triumph against all odds.  Peter came from a slum in Eldoret in Kenya.  His story is tragic, but profound.  Thrown away at the time of his birth, raised by a grandmother, sleeping for days without food, and yet there is a strong will to survive.

Life in a Kampala Neighborhood

Life in a Kampala Neighborhood:  I spent some months living in an area of Kampala where you will not many a western person. My home, was in a small courtyard where one of the children I became friends with was Axum.  An account of what life is like for people in Kampala, Uganda and how children live in tough times.

Life Saving Medicine - Soap and Water:  Death comes to thousands of children in Africa, all it takes to prevent is soap and water.  What people do not realize is that soap and water will eliminate 40% of children's sicknesses and diseases.  The best medicine for African children is simple soap and water.  The problem is access to water, besides water in many cases costs money and has to be carried a distance, so you avoid using it, even for washing of hand in the case of children.

Aids and the children of AfricaAids and the Children of Africa:  Each day more children become orphans because of the ravages of AIDS.  Many children are born being HIV positive and life ahead of them is simply tragic.  The emotional scars, the inner and outer pain is great for the children of Africa. 

Culture Patriarchal Ways and Education of Girls:  African Parents are deeply concerned for the education of their children.  Boys are pushed to be educated, girls on the other hand, if there is a lack of funds, they just might be the first to stay home.  The poorer the family, the bigger the chance that the girls in the family will stay home and help at home. 67% of girls in slums drop out of school while only 38% of boys do so.

The children of the LRAThe children of th LRA:  This section deals with the children of Northern Uganda.  Find out about Child soldiers of the LRA, what happens to abducted children, the children who evaded captivity by becoming night commuters, the stories of abducted children.  The person behind the abductions of children, Joseph Kony.

Bugolobi Church for ChildrenThey just keep on coming:  There is Church and then there the unique, one of a kind church for children in the Bugolobi area of Kampala. It is amazing sight as children  stream in rain or shine to come to church.  They come mostly from slum areas nearby, but quite a few walk several miles to come to church on a Sunday morning.

Children born into slumsChildren born into Slums:  A child that is born into a slum in Africa does not have much of a chance in life.  From day to day survival which ranges access to clean water and food to education, it is all about money.  The future for such a child means being locked into the cycle of poverty and rarely is there a  way out for such a child.

Children - Born into slums-The Solution=Education:  How do you help a child in a slum in Africa?  Education is the solution and even with education alone there is no guarantee since  here in Africa getting a job, any job is simply tough, without an education there is no hope for a meaningful future and a breaking of the cycle of poverty.

Children Born into Slums - Child Sponsorship:  Sponsor a Child in a slum in Kampala.  His or her parents have no money to help and assist their children.  There is not enough money even for food, at times for water, at times to pay to go to a latrine.  Life is simply tough. When it comes to education, children stay at home, work around the house, take care of the other children and miss out on being a child.

Send a book to a child in AfricaSend a book to a Child in Africa:  If you go into a home in Uganda, one thing that will be absent are books.  In Kampala there are only about five book stores to be found.  Children grow up not reading.  The power and of the dream and imagination is simply not released in the life of a child.  Your donation of some books could and would make a difference in the life of a child living in a slum, where books are the last things one thinks about.

Start a Library in Africa for ChildrenStart a Library in Africa for Children:  Libraries, one can spend hours in them.  In Uganda, most schools do not have lending libraries.  If there are some books, they are behind a locked door, behind glass, to be protected.  Children are deprived of books that would allow them to grow and become.  Start a library in Africa is a project with the intention of getting thousands of books into hands of children that will allow them to released in their imagination and heart.

The children of Africa in PicturesAfrican Children Photo Album:  The pictures of Africa's Children tell their story. One can read the stories on this site, but when you see the pictures of the children of Africa, your heart simply melts.  Meet the children of Africa through pictures.  There are lots of pages for you to peruse and enjoy.

Make a difference in the life of a childMake a difference in the Life of a Child:  It is one thing to read about the children of Africa, look at the picture, but coming here and being with the children is most awesome thing one can experience.  Not only will you make a difference in the life of a child, but a difference in your own life.  One to two weeks that will be life changing.

What can I do?What can I do?  This is a question that I am often asked, here are some practical answers as to how you can help and assist the children of Africa.  One of the most inspiring ways is coming here to spend a few weeks and visit.  It is one of the best investments you can ever make.


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